Primo Viaggio Convertible


Comfort Position

The Primo Viaggio Convertible reclines in rear facing mode to provide a relaxing angle for child.

Top Tether Hook

Increases stability in forward-facing mode and limits forward movement.

Full Coverage Protection

Adjustable Side Impact Protection

SIP protects child’s head, neck and spine. Easily adjusts to 10 different positions, even with child in the seat, ensuring the best and safest fit.

Energy Management System

A contoured steel back plate minimizes flexing and reduces forward movement upon impact. Steel pins collect energy and dig into base of the seat to reduce the stress felt on child.

Rear Facing Longer

The Convertible allows a child to sit rear facing up to 20.4 kg., as long as the child’s head is at least 1-inch below the headrest edge. 

Wide Padded Seat

Includes a specially shaped, removable cushion for newborns to be used until the baby reaches 10 kg. 

Contoured Base

The contoured base provides extra stability in any seating position.

Data Sheet
Size 66.7 cm x 47.7 cm x 65.4 cm
Weight 9.8 kg